To start a law firm

You can apply for the YBM’s Bourse de démarrage de cabinet (“Law firm start-up bursary”) and time. However, please note that the bursary is awarded once a year at a date to be decided on by the YBM. Regardless of when you submit your application, it must respect the eligibility criteria at the close of nominations.


Over the last years, more and more lawyers have been turning to the YBM for help in job placement. Aiming at providing support to its members and encouraging young lawyers to exel, the YBM has set up a Programme de bourse de démarrage de cabinet (“Law firm start-up bursary program”). The wiiner of the program will receive not only start-up capita;, but also quality products and services to succeed in the project. Thus, this program helps to meet the need by encouraging young lawyers, who are willing and competent enough, to try out their entrepreneurial abilities with the YBM’s support and assistance.


The mission of the YBM’s Programme de Bourse de démarrage de cabinet is to promote entrepreneurship and support the next generation of lawyers. It focuses on encouraging creativity and best law practices as well as stimulating employment and the financial independence of young lawyers by helping them to start their own law firm.

Furthermore, the programme de Bourse de démarrage de cabinet creates an incentive for keeping lawyers in pratice by encouraging them to launch law firms offering legal advice in the judicial district of Montréal.

Please note :

The candidates must start their first law firms offering legal advice in the judicial district of Montréal. The law firm cannot be affiliated with a previously established or existing firm. The firm must be established on the day of the official opening of the competition at the earliest and 180 days after the awarding of the bursary at the latest. The closing date of the competition for the next 2017 bursary was September 30, 2016. An established law firm is a firm running an organized professional activity in accordance with the provision of legal services set out in the Act respecting the Barreau du Québec.

Here is an overview of what (a) bursary winner (s) receive (s) :

The winners must use the bursary products and services within 365 days following the law firm start-up. Otherwise, the partners may cancel their offer of products and services.



The YBM cares about giving back to its members. This is why it has committed to award $ 5,000 to the winner.

*Certain conditions apply to $5,000 award. For more details, please see the rules.

The YBM would like to thank the Bar of Montreal for its continued support, making every project a success.

A complete range of products and services




Premium Plus Plan Fixed monthly rate account Distinction


$7,95 x 12 = $95,40 Fixed monthly fee of $7.95 (you save $14 on standard plan fees) including unlimited transactions, using any access method, personalized cheques, drafts and money orders, cheque certification and many other services.
Platinum credit card $169 + carte conjoint $50 A credit card offering a rewards program. You can collect up to 2% of your purchase in BONUSDOLLARS 1 and turn them into trips, gift rewards, show tickets, Desjardins financial products and services, or donations for non-profit organizations. You can also get an additional 1% rebate on annual purchases above $20,000 to maximun of $800 a year2.
A selection of SocieTerra Funds and Portfolios $1,000 (a cash amount invested in the product, the winner can withdraw it) Quebec’s first socially responsible investment, SocieTerra Portfolios contribute to positively promote environmental, social and governance practices of the companies held in the portfolios.


SimpliciD plan for entrepreneurs SimpliciD 30 =
$23.95 x 12 = $287.40 $
Flat monthly fee plan of $23.95 including 30 automated transactions, management fees, a monthly statement (cheque not returned), bank confirmation by AccèsD Affaires, as well as night deposits.
Payroll management service No fixed value Creation of employee files and payroll files, free of charge
Payment solutions A free payment terminal, file creation and installation free of charge – $ 100 value Simple, money-saving payment solutions which accept credit and debit cards. Perfect for small businesses and professionals who are looking for basic countertop equipment, this terminal is offered at $0 file creation and installation fee, a total value of $100.
 VISA Desjardins Business Card $60 Charging all of your business expenses on Visa Desjardins Business Card, you benefit from its Business Savings Program which offers 1% cashback once annual purchases reach $12,000. Maximum cashback of $4,880 per year and traval insurance starting from $3.75 per month per card.


$1, 760

1. BONUSDOLLARS is a registered trademark of the Fédération des caisses Desjardins du Québec.
2. Purchases made on the Visa Desjardins Platinum card account must reach CAN$20,000 before being eligible for the 1% cashback credit. The 1% cashback credit applies to annual purchases up to a maximum of CAN$100,000 per account. The maximum annual cashback amount is CAN$800. The 1% cashback credit is applied to the account on the anniversary date of the card issue. If the account is closed prior to the account anniversary date, the credit will not be granted. If the cardholder’s account is more than 90 days past due or the Visa Desjardins annual cashback credit and no credit will be granted.
3. Once annual company purchases reach $12,000 and up to $500,000 for the Business card or cards, a credit equivalent of 1% of these purchases will be deposited in the company account, once a year on the anniversary date of the account. The maximum cashback is $4,880 per year, Cash advances, Visa cheques, AccordD Business financing transactions conducted at a caisse, interest charges, returned goods, administrattion fees and other fees not related to purchases are excluded. If the account is closed prior tothe account anniversary date, tje credit will not be granted. if the cardholder’s account is more than 90 days past due or the Visa Desjardins Business card has been cancelled by the Fédération, the cardholder loses the right to the cashback credit and no credit will be granted.

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