Seeking for a lawyer?

Apart from its pro bono services and its program Juri-conseil aux entreprises, the YBAM does not offer a reference service that allows you to hire young lawyers.

However, here are some resources at your disposal:

Referral Services of the Montréal Bar
Gives anyone who asks (able to assume the costs of legal services or eligible for legal aid) the name of a lawyer registered in the service. These lawyers are prepared to give a half hour initial consultation for a fee of $ 30 plus tax, where applicable. This service is given by lawyers of the Montréal Bar with different experiences covering all areas of the law.

Juris Reference
Juris Reference is an innovative tool helping lawyers and clients meet, securely and confidentially. Juris Reference is completely free for any user seeking the services of a lawyer. There are no hidden fees and no banking information is requested.

Répertoire du Réseau juridique du Québec
Allows a person to search for a lawyer registered in this repertory by name, region or field of practice. The results are detailed C.V.s which include the year the lawyer was called to the Bar.

Répertoire électronique du Barreau du Québec
Allows a person to find a lawyer by name and by region. All lawyers are registered in this repertory but the descriptions given are brief.

Pro Bono Québec
Pro Bono Québec is now ready to receive requests from the public. They have put together a bank of hours of free legal services with the help of lawyers and firms across Québec. This new service will contribute to improving access to justice.

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