Election Notice for Members of the YBM Board of Directors

2 March 2016



The members of the Young Bar of Montreal (YBM) are hereby advised that three separate ballots will be held starting May 6, 2016, at midnight, and ending May 13, 2016 11:30 PM, to elect the following positions (the number of available seats appears in parenthesis): President (1), Vice-President (1) and board members (12). Candidates are only permitted to run for a single position.


Notice of Annual General Meeting including the agenda and election notice


Article 28 of the YBM General Regulations stipulates the following,

  • All voting and non-voting members of the YBM can submit their candidacy for a position.
  • Only voting members can submit their candidacy for the position of vice-president.
  • Only voting members who have served on the Board of Directors for a full term can submit their candidacy for the position of President. In the absence of such a candidate, only a voting member can submit their candidacy for the position of President.

Voting member of the YBM, are lawyers who have taken their oath on or after May 1, 2006 and duly registered with the Montreal chapter of the Bar’s Roll of Order.
Non-voting members of the YBM, are membera of the Bar of Québec who tooktheir oath on or after May 1, 2006, are not members of the chapter, but who fulfill all membership rules, and have submitted annual membership dues to the YBM to May 1, 2016.


To obtain a copy of the election application form, please contact the YBM’s, Mtre Catherine Ouimet, by clicking here

All nomination forms must be duly completed and then signed by the applicant, as well as other voting members of the YBM, and to submitted to the attention of the electoral president, Joséane Crétien, between 45 and 21 days prior to the end of the voting period, which is from March 28 to April, at 5p.m., to the following address :

445, boulevard Saint-Laurent, bureau RC-03

Montréal (Québec) H2Y 3T8

Email : [email protected]

Fax : 514-954-3496

As of April 25, 2016, the list of candidates (if the number of eligible candidates exceeds the number of vacant seats), or members elected by acclamation, as the case may be, for the positions of Vice President and President of the YBM, will be posted on the YBM website.

In the former case, the election will be held by electronic ballot, using a secure and confidential third party system chosen by the Board of Directors.

Only YBM voting members in good standing on Election Day will be eligible to vote.

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