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15 October 2019

The YBM’s Legal Helpline is back for the benefit of the people of the province of Québec! On October 26th and 27th, between 9:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m., volunteer lawyers and notaries will answer citizens questions by phone and provide them free legal advices. The YBM offers this free service in partnership with the Barreau du Québec and the Centre d’accès à l’information juridique (CAIJ) for the 33rd edition of the YBM’s Legal Helpline.

This initiative aims to improve the accessibility of justice for all Québec citizens and attracts an increasing number of callers, from year to year. Last April, more than 3 500 phone calls have been registered during one weekend, comparatively to a total number of 2 100 calls in April of 2018. The most frequently asked questions are related to family law, neighbourly relations, consumer goods, labor, management of estates and beyond.


Call to learn about your rights and obligations. We’re here for you, free of charge!

WHAT:  Legal Helpline

WHO: Young Bar of Montreal (YBM)

WHEN: October 26th and 27th 2019, from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

HOW:  1 844 779-6232


Free legal service for the public

Initiator of the project, the YBM offers this service twice a year with the support of more than a hundred volunteer lawyers and notaries from across the province as a result of the unwavering collaboration with the Young Bar of Quebec (YBQ) and the Association des Jeunes Barreaux de Région (AJBR). “Initiatives like the Legal Helpline are concrete actions from the YBM that contribute, year after year, to increase accessibility to justice. We collaborate with our colleagues from the rest of Québec in order to answer the most questions from citizens of the province of Québec. “Mtre Sabine Uwitonze, president of the YBM.


The Barreau du Québec and the CAIJ are essential partners in the realization of the Legal Helpline. “The Barreau du Québec is a proud supporter of the Free Legal Helpline”, states Mtre Paul-Matthieu Grondin, President of the Barreau du Québec.”It brings together a growing number of lawyers and members of the public around an essential service: access to high quality legal information.” For the CAIJ, this is a must-attend event and we are happy to participate by offering to our members all the necessary tools to allow them to answer citizens and this, for a better accessibility to justice.” mentions Mtre Nancy J. Trudel, CAIJ Executive Director.


Access to Justice

Founded in 1898, the YBM consists of 5000 lawyers with ten years or less of practice in Montréal; making it one of the largest associations of young lawyers in the world, in terms of numbers for one city. Its mission is twofold: Firstly, it ensures to defend and promote the interests of its members. Secondly, it provides pro bono consulting services and legal information to various segments of the population and organizes charitable activities. Overall, it aims to improve access to justice and to contribute to the collective well-being. The YBM provides several services to improve access to justice in the Québec population. For more information:


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