Maison du Père Dinner

25 February 2016

Once again this years, YBM’s Committee Pro Bono held a volunteer evening to give back to the Montréal community, by contributing to the Maison du Père.

On this occasion, members of the judiciary and of the YBM paid  a visit to the Maison du père  to serve up hot meals to about 300 homeless men, and to engage in conversation over dessert.

The Maison du père is dedicated to helping the homeless, and welcomes close to 150 disadventaged individuals each day, offering them health services, meals, and much more. futhermore, thanks to public support, the Maison du Père now offers both social support services and treatment for addiction, in addition to operating a residence for seniors living on the streets.

We thank all members of the judiciary and of the YBM for giving so generously of their time!

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