Law Firm Start-Up Bursary

You can apply for the YBM’s Bourse de démarrage de cabinet (“Law Firm Start-Up Bursary”) any time. However, please note that the bursary is awarded once a year at a date to be decided on by the YBM. Regardless of when you submit your application, it must respect the eligibility criteria at the close of nominations.


Over the last years, more and more lawyers have been turning to the YBM for help in job placement. Aiming at providing support to its members and encouraging young lawyers to excel, the YBM has set up a Programme de bourse de démarrage de cabinet (“Law firm start-up bursary program”). The winner of the program will receive not only start-up capita, but also quality products and services to succeed in the project. Thus, this program helps to meet the need by encouraging young lawyers, who are willing and competent enough, to try out their entrepreneurial abilities with the YBM’s support and assistance.


The mission of the YBM’s Programme de Bourse de démarrage de cabinet is to promote entrepreneurship and support the next generation of lawyers. It focuses on encouraging creativity and best law practices as well as stimulating employment and the financial independence of young lawyers by helping them to start their own law firm.

Furthermore, the programme de Bourse de démarrage de cabinet creates an incentive for keeping lawyers in pratice by encouraging them to launch law firms offering legal advice in the judicial district of Montréal.

Please note :

The candidates must start their first law firms offering legal advice in the judicial district of Montréal. The law firm cannot be affiliated with a previously established or existing firm. The firm must be established on the day of the official opening of the competition at the earliest and 180 days after the awarding of the bursary at the latest. For the next bursary which will be awarded in November 2022, the competition closing date two years earlier was September 24, 2020. An established law firm is a firm running an organized professional activity in accordance with the provision of legal services set out in the Act respecting the Barreau du Québec.

Here is an overview of what (a) bursary winner (s) receive (s) :

The winners must use the bursary products and services within 365 days following the law firm start-up. Otherwise, the partners may cancel their offer of products and services.

The YBM cares about giving back to its members. This is why it has committed to award $ 5,000 to the winner.

*Certain conditions apply to $5,000 award. For more details, please see the rules.




The YBM would like to thank the Bar of Montreal for its continued support, making every project a success.

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Desjardins is proud to offer a sponsorship of $ 1,000 as part of the YBM’s Law Firm Start-Up Bursary.

As a member of the YBM, you benefit of an advantageous financial offer designed and developed for you.

MédicAssurrance is pleased to offer $ 1,000 in cash as part of the YBM’s Law Firm Start-Up Bursary.


Free subscription to the program SOQUIJ today

Value : $ 540 + $ 9,000 in potential discounts

The SOQUIJ program today offers young lawyers at the beginning of their career financial assitance for the use of the Company’s legal information search and update tools. It is available to all trainees and new registrants of the Order of Bar of Québec and the Chamber des notary du Québec.

Spread over three years, the program offers discounts on consulting Legal Research, Plumitifs or Collections, or take out a subscriptions to Express. In the first year, the discount equals 100% of a maximum consultation value of $ 2,000; the second year, at a discount of 75% of a maximum consultation value of $ 4,000; and the third year, at a discount of 50% of a maximum value of consultation of $ 8,000.

For more details click here.

License of Antidote 10 – French for five posts with one-year subscription to the Antidote Maintenance Program and subscription to the 5000 pages WebElixir service

Value : 1 740 $

Antidote 10
Antidote brings together in a coherent whole a new generation corrector, rich and complete dictionaries and detailed linguistic guides. These multiple works are not simply tackled together: they interact intelligently to help explore all aspects of a language issue. Individually, each of these works rivals the best in its category. Together, they have no equal. Antidote is the modern, fast and practical way to write a French without fail and with the right words.
If your website leaves something to be desired, your readers will be put off. To ensure its quality, Druide designed the WebElixir service. WebElixir scans your site periodically and analyzes all text and links. After each course, WebElixir sends you a quality report by email. Access its web interface for detailed results. You have nothing to download, nothing to install: enter your URL, and go!
To learn more about Druide’s products :


One-year subscription to JurisEvolution with JurisBackup package

Value : $ 5,000

UA subscription, free of charge, to the JurisEvolution Web Team Edition for 1 user offering many benefits including :
  • Reliable records management adapted to the different types of law practiced ;
  • An inexhaustible Virtual Collaborator ;
  • Effective and flexible document management ;
  • Automatic and intelligent documentary production ;
  • A simple billing and financial management system to use.
Get the best solution for users of JurisEvolution on the Web to ensure the security of your legal files and all your critical data: a backup of your data is done alone once a day and a full copy is automatically made on remote and Canadian servers encrypted.


Lighten your mailbox, keep information confidential and share your documents from anywhere with JurisZone, the secure document sharing solution specially designed for lawyers.


Graphic design worth $1,000

Thanks to our flexible, restart and independent structure, our graphic design studio brings its talent and expertise to companies and communication agencies. We put all our know-how in the creation of visual identities, the conception of web sites and the realization of all printed and multimedia communication media.


Gift Certificate to Best Buy

Value : $ 500

As part of the Firm Start-Up grant program, Financière des avocats wishes to show its support by donating a $ 500 gift certificate to Best Buy at no cost to the recipient of the Start-Up grant program. AABC is a multi-purpose information center for all your protection needs. For over a quarter of a century, we have offered a wide range of insurance products tailored to the specific needs of members of the legal profession, law firm employees and their families.

 A toge and a basic flap

Value : $ 670 

Erika Eriksson produces, to order and custom, toges, flaps and other clothing (vests, jackets, skirts) for lawyers. As part of the Office Start-Up grant Program, Erika Eriksson offers the recipient a toge and basic flap to start her litigation career.
To learn more about Erika Eriksson products :

Printing a stationery (Business Card, headed paper and Envelope – 1000 copies each)

Value : $ 350 

Sisca Business Solutions Inc. has been in the printing business for more than 10 years and is a leader in the printing of business documents. At SISCA, we integrate the latest technological tools into our manufacturing process in order to always deliver to our customers the best possible product. Our growth is proportional to the satisfaction of our customers. Sisca offers free printing of your business stationery so you can start your practice professionally and efficiently.


Set of services

Value : $ 2 620

Stand-alone 15-hour business law or 30-hour civil law office training.

Todoc subscription of 100 electronic notifications.

2 One-year subscriptions to Docurium – the legal area.

Logo W&L_trad_Reflex 217x171






Value : $ 500

Wilson & Lafleur offers a gift certificate of $ 500 for the books available at the Librairie Wilson & Lafleur.

EmilieP Logo smaller

Value : $ 405

Émilie Pelletier Photographe offre une prise de vue à Montréal d’une durée de 1 h 30 comprenant :

  • Management and choice of files
  • Web gallery to make your choice of photos
  • Retouching on 3 portraits of your choice
  • Rights of use of 3 photos for social networks and your website

Looking forward to making images to match your ambitions!

A contribution in product or service is a unique opportunity for your company to establish and maintain your image as a figure involved with the Montreal legal succession. You will enjoy unprecedented visibility with a targeted audience of young Montreal business lawyers. In addition, your company will ensure that you develop a regular customer base with high purchasing power and an interest in your products and services.
You want to offer your services or products for free in exchange for visibility ? Contact us for more details.

Procedure to follow

In order to achieve the stated objectives, the JBM Office Start-up grant Program is the subject of an annual competition, in which a fellowship is awarded.

Evaluation criteria

The following evaluation criteria are considered by the selection committee :

  • Realistic and solid business plan and financing structure (30 points) ;
  • Presentation and overall excellence of the file, including personal and professional achievements (25 points) ;
  • Business vision and long-term prospect (25 points) ;
  • Originality and creativity of the project (10 points) ;
  • Network and support adequate (10 points).

Program Rules

  • An application must be accompanied by all the required documents or the date of the contest closing, otherwise it is automatically declared ineligible.
  • Please refer to the JBM Firm Start-up Grant Program Rules for more information. Find it by clicking here. (French only)
  • You will find the Application Form by clicking here.
  • To help you write up a business plan, Desjardins provides entrepreneurs an interactive tool. Find it by clicking here.
Deadline for submission of applications (closure): September 2, 2022, 5 pm
Your application must be sent to [email protected] with la JurisZone.
Presentation of the next cabinet start-up grant:
JBM Gala « Les leaders de demain » (November 2022)
Information : 
Mtre Élizabeth Ménard-Laberge, Executive Director
514.954.3498 | [email protected]

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