Court of Québec, Small Claims Division

Aimed at providing information about hearing preparation and proceedings before the Court of Québec, Small Claims Division, Montréal office, the service includes a twenty-minute appointment with a volunteer lawyer, free of charge.

The service is available Monday through Friday from noon to 2 p.m. by appointment. Places are limited.


To qualify for the service, you must

  • be representing yourself in court,
  • have a scheduled hearing date before the Court of Québec, Small Claims Division, Montréal office.

NOTE : People who contact us at least 15 days before their hearing date will be given priority.


The volunteer lawyer is here to help you prepare your hearing before the Court of Québec, Small Claims Division. No legal advice, supporting arguments, or likelihood of success can be provided.

Please note that a volunteer lawyer may be accompanied by a law student to the hearing preparation meeting. As part of this Articiling Program, the student is allowed to act as an observer only, having signed a confidentiality agreement prohibiting the disclosure of any information heard or seen during the meeting.

For further information please contact the YBM at the following telephone number : 514-954-3487, or by email at : [email protected].

We would like to thank the lawyers of Borden Ladner Gervais (BLG) who have accepted to donate their time weekly as part of the YBM’s Preparation Services for a hearing.


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