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Looking for a lawyer?

The YBM can organize an information session with a lawyer if you qualify for one of its pro bono legal services such as Preparation Services of Hearing, I’ll talk to my lawyer on Wednesday!, Corporate services,  or Call-in Legal Clinic.

However, the YBM does not offer a referral service for hiring a young lawyer.

Here are somme available resources : 

Referral Services of the Montreal Bar
Upon request, this service provides anyone, independent of their eligibility for legal aid, with referrals to a practising Montréal lawyer registered with this service and willing to offer an initial half-hour consultation for a fixed fee of $30 plus taxes. The service is provided by lawyers, members of the Bar of Montreal, practising in various fields of law.

Juris Référence
Juris Reference is an excellent tool to find a lawyer who meets your needs. The tool simplifies, improves and accelerates the lawyer selection process and promotes a transparent exchange of information letting you make an informed decision.

The Quebec Law Network Directory
This directory contains detailed lawyers’ resumes from all over Quebec. You can search by name, region, field of law, hourly rates, size of the law firm, etc. Please note that the directory does not list all lawyers practising in Quebec : only lawyers who chose to register with the Network appear in the directory.

Online Lawyers Directory of the Barreau du Quebec
All Quebec lawyers automatically appear in this directory; however, the descriptions are brief and limited to professional contact information. You can search by name and region.Allows a person to find a lawyer by name and by region.

Justice Pro Bono
Justice Pro Bono is now ready to receive requests from the public.  Hours of free legal services credited by lawyers and law firms all over Quebec will help to improve access to justice.

Éducaloi – Your starting point legal information
Éducaloi is registered charity whose mission is to inform Quebecers about the law, and their rights and responsibilities, by providing legal information in everyday language. Its activities focus on three areas : legal information, legal education and promotion of plain language use when it comes to the law.

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