The Legal.It Conference 2017 : A Great Success!

30 March 2017

The 11th edition of JBM’s Legal.IT Conference was held March 23, at the Montreal Science Centre. This envent, the most important conference nationally on the impact of information technology as well as its legal possibilities, was attended by more than 250 participants.

This conference gave participants the opportunity to take part in the following :

  • A plenary session on Smart city and innovative Hub, hosted by Mr.Jean-Philippe Cipriani ;
  • A programming workshop, with Lighthouse Labs ;
  • A conference on the futur of law, with Mtre. Sam Glover, from ;
  • A conference on Big Data and targeted advertising, hosted by Mtre. Eloise Gratton, and accompanied by Raphael Girard ;
  • A trainning session on artificial intelligence ;
  • A panel on cybercrime and the protection of data with  Mtre. Jean-François De Rico and Mr. Luc Lefebre – ;
  • A virtual reality experience with TAS ;
  • And much more!

Following the conference, close to 100 guests joined Legal.IT attendees for the first edition of the cocktail Branché networking event, hosted by Juris Concept, in collaboration with the TAS. This festive evening brought together young Montreal’s young professionnals from all fields for network development and the exchange of innovations in IT.

The YBM wishes to thank its partners and event sponsors :

The YBM would also like to thank all attendees amd volunteers, who helped make Legal.IT 2017 a great success!

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Plenary : Smart City and Innovation Hub
Letf to right : Mr. Guillaume Lavoie, City of Montréal, Mr. Jean-Philippe Cipriani, L,actualité Magasine, Mtre. Beatrice Couture, InnoCité MTL, Mtre Annie-Claude Trudeau, DSL Avocats & JBM & Mr. Luc Courchesne, TAS

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