Honorary Members

What is an honorary member?

  • An honorary member is awarded lifetime membership of the YBM.
  • Honorary members have the same advantages as regular members : they can attend all organized events, paying member rates and benefitting from the totality of the YBM’s services. However, they do not have the right to vote nor serve on the YBM’s Board of Directors.
  • The YBM regularly updates the honorary members list.
  • New honorary members are awarded an honorary certificate at the YBM’s annual general meeting following to their propmotion or their selection by the Board of Directors, in accordance with the modalities listed below.

How can you become an honorary member?

  • Presidents of the YBM are automatically eligible to become honorary members at the end of their term.
  • The Board of Directors can select any other person that it judges to be eligible for the title. This selection process must follow the procedure set out below.

Do you qualify?

A member of the Board of Directors can nominate a candidate who has shown exceptional commitment to the YBM and/or close collaboration with the YBM in terms of :

  • qualityof work.
  • dligence,
  • dedication to the YBM’s regional, national, and/or international development,
  • one or several outstanding achievements,
  • leadership,
  • innovative ideas
  • Mrs Aminata Bal
  • Mtre Catherine Ouimet
  • L’honorable Élizabeth Corte
  • Mtre Bertrand Gervais
  • L’honorable Morton S. Minc
  • L’honorable J.J Michel Robert
  • Mtre Nathalie Roy
  • L’honorable Sophie Bourque
  • L’honorable Suzanne Courteau
  • L’honorable Pierre J. Dalphond
  • Mrs. Geneviève Gélinas
  • L’honorable Lukasz Granosik
  • Mtre Doris Larrivée
  • Mtre Richard Larue
  • Mtre Michèle Moreau
  • Mtre François Perron
  • Mtre Benoît Roberge
  • Mtre Isabelle Savard
  • Mtre Martin Sheehan
  • Mtre François Terroux
  • As well as all the former presidents

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