Winners of the Bourse de démarrage de cabinet

The mission of the YBM’s Programme de Bourse de démarrage de cabinet is to promote entrepreneurship and support the next generation of lawyers. Its focuses on encouraging creativity and best law practices as well as stimulating employement and the financial independence of young lawyers by helping them to start their own law firm.

Furthermore, the Programme de Bourse de démarrage de cabinet creates an incentive for keeping lawyers in pratice by encouraging them to launch law firms offering legal advice in the judicial district of Montréal.


Winners of the YBM’S Bourse de démarrage de cabinet

2021 : Heritt Avocats Inc. – Mtres Suzanne Taffot & Abla Kekeli Maglo
2020 : Gabriella Rozankovic, Avocate inc.
2019 : Per curiam avocats – Mtres Vincent Ranger & Gabriel-Arnaud Berthold
2018 : Desmarais Desvignes Crespo s.e.n.c.r.l. – Mtres Ulisce Desmarais, Raphaëlle Desvignes & Daniel Crespo Villarreal
2017 :  MTLex | Boutique juridique – Mtres Elsa Rizkallah, Alexandre Ricci & Yoann Gauthier
2016 :  Audax Avocats – Mtres Anne-Edma Louis & Teodora Niculae
2014 : Mtre Marie-Hélène Beaudoin
2013 : Mtre Karina Kesserwan
2012 :  Mtre Camille Alix

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