Annual Convention and Gala

This committee organizes the YBM’s Annual Convention and the Gala “Les leaders de demain”, the goal of which is to reward the exceptional leadership of YBM members whose participation and commitment stood out throughout the year.

Committee Administrator

Mtre Cynthia Brunet
Morency, Société d’avocats
[email protected]


  • Mtre Marie-Pier Desmeules (Annual Convention)
  • Mtre Ada Wittenberger (Gala)


  • Mtre Frédérique Bacal
  • Mtre Anna Baghramyan
  • Mtre Niva Beaudoin
  • Mtre Ingrid Boghossian
  • Mtre Sophie Danièle Dominique Delalande
  • Mtre Marie Flambard
  • Mtre Elisabeth Gauthier
  • Mtre Mona Kiwan
  • Mtre Romy-Alexandra Laliberté
  • Mtre Maryse Larocque
  • Mtre Éliane Mandeville
  • Mtre Marilyne Petryka
  • Mtre Alexandre Ricci
  • Mtre Samuel Robichon
  • Mtre Jessica Roy
  • Mtre Amélie Soulez
  • Mtre Audrey-Ann Voyer
  • Mtre Jessica Vu

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