Continuing Legal Education

The committee’s mission is

  •  To organize high-quality trainings covering various fields of law and subjects of interest in our regular schedule and at the YBM’s Annual Convention,
  • To organize professionnal development trainings,
  • To design the YBM member integration and inclusion programs,
  • To develop trainings in collaboration with other associations of young professionals.

Committee Administrator

Mtre Nathalie Boulanger
Langlois avocats

[email protected]


  • Mtre Alice Popovici (Séminaire de plaidoirie)
  • Mtre Dominik Tremblay-Perron (Calendrier régulier)
  • Mtre Adam Villeneuve (Congrès)


  • Mtre Niva Beaudoin
  • Mtre Emilie Boucher
  • Mtre Genia Cishahayo
  • Mtre Nicole Dobbie
  • Mtre Frederick Doucet
  • Mtre Laurent-Alexandre Duclos-Bélanger
  • Mtre Laurence Fecteau
  • Mtre Catherine Gosselin
  • Mtre Ata Kassaian
  • Mtre Tobit Martel
  • Mtre Vinh Nguyen
  • Mtre Marilyne Petryka
  • Mtre Caroline Rivard
  • Mtre Jessica Roy
  • Mtre Linda Taklit

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