Ethnic and cultural diversity

The Ethnic and cultural diversity committee, relating to legal practice, in association with The Bar of Montreal, aims to promote the legal profession within the society of Quebec in a way that is reasonable, fair and free of all forms of discrimination in regards to the members of the YBAM.

Committee general objectives :

  • Increase our members awareness on equity and human rights in the legal field
  • Promote a profession free of all forms of discrimination;
  • Help other committee, especially the public affairs committee regarding equity and human rights topic within the profession;
  • Develop and maintain relations with other provincial, national and international organisation within and outside the legal field concerning equity and human rights;
  • Educate and form YBAM members as well as the general population on equity and human rights topic; and
  • Create and organize trainings, consultation group and other information activities related to the equity and human rights topic.


Me Natacha Calixte

  • Me Maria Giustina Corsi
  • Me Rosana Pires Gonçalves
  • Me Keith Hanna
  • Me Daria Kapnik
  • Me Anne Mailfait
  • Me Steven Mark Kmec
  • Me Maria Moschin
  • Aline Uyen Khanh Quach
  • Dominique Vézina

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