The ExtraJudiciaire Committee produces L’ExtraJudiciaire, a bimonthly magazine printed in about 4500 copies. It is delivered for free to all Montréal all lawyers who have been in pratice for 10 years or less as well as to the judiciary and to a large number of paralegals. A communication tool between the President of the YBM, the committees and members, L’ExtraJudiciaire shares information about the events and services provided by the YBM. Moreover, it contains articles about legal matters and others subjects of interest.

Consult the lastest issue of L’ExtraJudiciaire (The page exists in French only)


Committee Administrator

Mtre Vinh Nguyen
Bordelais Nguyen, S.N.A.

[email protected]

Editor in chief : Mtre Éloise Côté

Linguistic revision coordinator : Mtre Zoé Pouliotte Massé


  • Mtre Laurence Béland-Cousineau
  • Mtre Yasmine Bentourkia
  • Mtre Dominique Boutin
  • Mr Thierry Chergui
  • Mtre Ariane Denis-Mélançon
  • Mtre Sébastien Dionne
  • Mr Rémy Gaudreau
  • Mrs Alexandra Gervais
  • Mtre Nadia Guizani
  • Mtre Allesandra Ionata
  • Mrs Chloé Jodoin
  • Mtre Grégory Lancop
  • Mtre Gabriel Langelier
  • Mtre Claire Mazinni
  • Mtre Elizabeth Ménard-Laberge
  • Mtre Gabriel Meunier
  • Mr Michaël Pereira
  • Mtre Marianne Richer-Lafleche
  • Mtre Daphnée Kathia Rosalbert
  • Mtre Élizabeth Tran

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