Professional and Interprofessional Development

The mission of the Professional and Interprofessional Development Committee is to promote the professional development of YBM members by organizing business development and networking events with other young lawyers and/or professionals, and by offering professionnal practice training programs. The Committee also aims to establish and enhance relationships with other young bar associations in Quebec, Canada, and abroad by inviting international representatives to the annual information week at the beginning of the new legal year every september.

Committee Administrator

Mtre Laurence Camille
Cedac Avocats

[email protected]


  • Mtre Stéphanie Pointier (Rentrée judiciaire)
  • Mtre Alessandra Claudia Pecoraro (Let’StartUp)
  • Mtre Guillaume Saliah (Cocktail interprofessionnel)


  • Mtre Angélique Adam
  • Mtre Camille Aubin
  • Mtre Alexandra Azab
  • Mtre Agathe Basilio-Parra d’Andert
  • Mtre Stéphanie Belliveau
  • Mr. Youcef Belrachid
  • Mrs. Sarah Boukhedimi
  • Mtre Bianca Brault Lampron
  • Mtre Justine Brien
  • Mtre Gianluca Campofredano
  • Mtre Rafaëlle Champagne
  • Mtre Myriam Cossette-Voyer
  • Mtre Léa De Santis
  • Mrs. Sarah DeRose
  • Mtre Mtrelissa D’Errico-Provencher
  • Mtre Audrey Dion-Duval
  • Mtre Camille Duguay
  • Mtre Adam Ginzburg
  • Mtre Charlotte Grenier
  • Mr. Ghiles Helli
  • Mtre Vanessa Langlois
  • Mtre Patrick Lapierre
  • Mrs. Vanessa Lapointe
  • Mtre Tobit Martel
  • Mtre John Mongeau
  • Mtre Mireille Lavie Nana Tchatchou
  • Mtre Alexandre Papale
  • Mtre Katerina Paraschis
  • Mtre Nehal Patel
  • Mtre Cristian E. Roa R.
  • Mtre Maria-Christina Sorbo-Mayrand
  • Mtre Julie St-Hilaire
  • Mtre Pierre-Antoine Vaillancourt

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