Marketing Committee

The Marketing Committee is responsable for providing recommendations in regards to the consistent branding of the YBM, as well as the use of its communication tools to maximize the impact of its message and effectively reach its members and the public. Moreover, the Marketing Committee ensures that the YBM achieves its annual funding goals to develop and maintain profitable operations.

 The Committee’s missons is :

  • To ensure the optimal and consistent use of the YBM communication tools ;
  • To approach potential partners or sponsors ;
  • To assist other Committees in the search for funders ;
  • To oversee  the application and updating of the the Funding Policy ;
  • Communications Policy, as well as the YBM Communications Plan

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Spécial thanks to our major partners who provide us the financial support we need to successfully pursuit our mission.

Committee Administrator

Mtre Ali Sbai
Sbai Avocats inc.
[email protected]



  • Mtre Caroline Guy


  • Mtre Chantal Charmajian
  • Mrs Lumina Comte
  • Mr Zhongyi Gong-Omonte
  • Mtre Vincent Grenier-Fontaine
  • Mtre Précilia Hijazi

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