Research and legislation

The Research and Legislation Committee (RLC) is responsible for daily updates of the RLC Blog, posting legal news for all Quebec lawyers including YBM members. The RLC monitors judgments of the Supreme Court of Canada and the Court of Appeal of Quebec focusing on those that might affect the legal system. Moreover, on the request of the Board of Directors, the Committee might be called upon to draft memoranda for parliamentary committee, reform committees of the Barreau du Québec, or for other governmental and para-governmental authorities.

Committee Administrator

Mtre Julia Blais-Quintal
Grey Casgrain

[email protected]

Editors in Chief of the CRL Blog

  • Mtre Gregoire Deniger
  • Mtre Manuel St-Aubin


  • Mtre Adam Villeneuve
  • Mtre Amélie Lemay
  • Mtre Etienne Gabrysz-Forget
  • Mtre Gabriel Chaloult Lavoie
  • Mtre Guillaume Charrette
  • Mtre Karine Thériault
  • Mtre Laurent-Alexandre Duclos-Bélanger
  • Mtre Michael Lessard
  • Mtre Philippe Morneau
  • Mrs Romane Bonenfant
  • Mtre Sarah Pinsonnault
  • Mtre Thibault Declercq

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