Member Relations Committee

The Member Relations Committee is dedicated to forging closer ties between the YBM and its members to foster their sense of belonging to the association and its vast network.

The committee aspires to etablish relationships with prospective members by getting involved with different student law associations.

Committee Administrator

Mtre Andrée-Anne Dion
Shadley Bien-Aimé, s.e.n.c.
[email protected]


  • Mtre Alexandre Bien-Aimé
  • Mtre Catherine Boutin
  • Mtre Melissa D’errico-Provencher
  • Mrs. Octavia Diaconu
  • Mtre Joey Hanna
  • Mtre GuillauMtre Lapierre
  • Mtre Marilyne Petryka
  • Mtre Mélissa Potvin
  • Mtre Simon Rocheleau
  • Mtre Stéphanie Ruel
  • Mtre Magdalena Sokol
  • Mtre Natalia Sorz
  • Mtre Amélie Soulez
  • Mtre Lauranne Ste-Croix
  • Mtre Éric Svoboda
  • Mtre Garielle Tremblay
  • Mtre Audrey-Ann Voyer

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