Pro Bono and Legal Services

The Committee’s mission is to improve acess to justice by providing free legal services to Montrealers. In particular, it’s responsible for launching the YBM’s pro bono legal services and organizing community events.

Part of the Committee’s role is to maintain relationships with different stakeholders in the legal realm including the Barreau de Montréal, the Barreau de Québec, Pro Bono Quebec, Éducaloi and the Canadian Bar Association.

Committee Administrator

Mtre Gabrielle O’Reilly Patry
Mélanie Chaperon, avocate

[email protected]

  • Members
    • Mtre Angélique Adam
    • Mtre Maryse Ali
    • Mtre Daniel Aubé
    • Mtre Génia Cishahayo
    • Mtre Sébastien Delisle
    • Mr. Mohamed Diare
    • Mtre Sarah-Émilie Dubois
    • Mtre Raphaëlle Dupras-Leduc
    • Mtre Carle Evans
    • Mtre Geneviève Griffin
    • Mtre Élizabeth Innis-Triboul
    • Mtre Dongui Ouattara
    • MMtre Alexandra Paquette
    • Mtre Zila Savary
    • Mtre Sabrina Vigneau-Courchesne
    • Mtre Patrick Zakaria

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