Information Technology

The Information Technology Committee (ITC) is responsible for the organization of the Legal.IT Conference, Canada’s most important event of the year for lawyers and paralegals about the impact of IT and its potential for the profession. The ITC also oversees information technology development to promote the YBM’s input to the evolution of IT within the legal practice.

Committee Administrator

Mtre Nada Belhadfa

[email protected]



  • Mtre Pierre-Marc Gendron


  • Mtre Julie-Anne Archambault
  • Mtre Camille Aubin
  • Mtre Agathe Basilio
  • Mtre Nada Belhadfa
  • Mtre Alexia Blondin
  • Mtre Sylvain Boissonneault
  • Mtre Bruno Bourdelin
  • Mtre Katarina Daniels
  • Mtre Bertrand Delorme-Larouche
  • Mtre Sophie Deschênes-Hébert
  • Mtre Camille Demers
  • Mtre Audrey Dion Duval
  • Mtre Michèle Frenière
  • Mtre Yoann Gauthier
  • Mtre Adam Ginzburg
  • Mr. Jordan Guido
  • Mtre Antoine Guilmain
  • MMtre Elizabeth Innis-Triboul
  • Mtre Camille Lefebvre
  • Mtre Camille LG
  • Mtre John Mongeau
  • Mtre Teodora Niculae
  • Mtre Cindy Piu
  • Mtre Anthony Soliman
  • Mtre Yannick Vigneault

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