Find a lawyer

The services we offer to the public are intended to help you meet a lawyer free of charge. However, you must meet certain conditions before you can benefit from these services. For example, we do not offer referral services for hiring a lawyer.

Here are some resources available to you:

The Barreau du Québec's "Find a lawyer" portal

Consult the Barreau du Québec's "Find a lawyer" portal to find the lawyer you need, near your work or home, for the area of law you are dealing with. There are two ways to find a lawyer: a search by area of law or a search by lawyer. When searching by area of law, you will find lawyers, mediators or arbitrators who can assist you with your legal proceedings.

The referral service provides anyone who requests it, whether eligible for legal aid or not, with the name of a lawyer practicing in Montreal who is registered with the service and willing to offer an initial one-hour consultation for a fixed fee of $60 plus tax. The service is provided by lawyers who are members of the Bar of Montreal and whose expertise covers all areas of law.

Juris Référence is the ultimate tool for finding the lawyer who best suits your needs. By filling out a simple questionnaire, all the relevant information you need is sent directly to targeted legal resources who can help you, whatever the type of mandate or law involved. You are put in touch with these legal resources in a confidential and secure manner.

This directory contains detailed résumés of lawyers across Quebec. You can search for a lawyer by name, region, areas of practice, fee rates, firm size, etc. Please note that this directory does not contain the names of all lawyers practicing in Quebec, only those who have chosen to register.