Become a partner

Would you like to connect with the largest association of young lawyers in the world, in terms of numbers in a single city? The Young Bar Association of Montreal (JBM) brings together young professionals who are accessible, dynamic, socially committed, have great purchasing power and form an influential group within society. These young lawyers work in all areas of the law, making their mark professionally. They are the future of the profession, nationally and internationally.

Joining JBM means

  • Gain visibility with over 6,000 lawyers;
  • Benefit from the reputation of an association that has been present and recognized in the regional and international legal community for over 120 years.

Would you like to reach young professionals, mainly between the ages of 25 and 35?

By becoming a JBM partner, you have several options open to you.

Our partnership opportunities enable you to contribute directly to building a well-equipped and committed next generation of legal professionals. In fact, it's thanks to the joint efforts of all our partners that we are able to develop activities and projects to support, represent and promote Montreal's next generation of lawyers, as well as offer free legal services to the Quebec population.

Each partnership agreement is built around the interests, values, vision and positioning you're looking for.

  1. Advertising | Visibility in various JBM media
    • ExtraJudiciaire: newspaper sent virtually to over 5,800 contacts, six editions a year;
    • JBM Express: weekly newsletter, with a mailing list of over 14,000 subscribers;
    • Website: visited more than 5,300 times monthly and with over 13,500 page views per month;
    • Social media:
      • Facebook - over 4,8000 subscribers;
      • Twitter - over 2,000 followers;
      • LinkedIn - over 3,200 followers;
      • Instagram - over 1,300 followers.
  2. Events and activities
    • Numerous networking, training, recognition and prestige events are scheduled each year. Depending on the scale, each event brings together between 100 and 400 people.
      • Several seasonal cocktails
      • Cocktail with the Magistrature
      • Interprofessional Cocktail
      • JBM "Leaders of Tomorrow" Gala
      • Leadership with a capital I" symposium
      • Legal.IT & Cocktail Branché
      • Annual conference
      • Telephone legal clinic
      • Public speaking competitions

To learn more about partnership opportunities, please contact us at 514 954-3450 or by e-mail at