Video capsules

100-fault course

"Parcours 100 fautes" is a project designed to:

  • promote solidarity within the legal profession;
  • de-dramatize certain obstacles that can arise along the way.
  • inform our members that even people they hold in high esteem have encountered professional difficulties.

The JBM was privileged and honored to receive the pertinent and heartfelt testimonials of four esteemed players in the legal world. A superb project which, we hope, will bring hope and encouragement.

The Honourable Aline U.K. Quach

Mr. Julius H. Grey, Ad. E.

Me Suzanne H. Pringle, Ad. E.

Mr Walid Hijazi

Diversity and inclusion: Meet our members

In keeping with our Declaration on Ethnocultural Diversity and Inclusion, we've created video vignettes for various Montreal-area high schools, showcasing role models of diverse and inclusive lawyers!

The idea is not only to encourage and inspire young people to enter the legal profession, but also to encourage social involvement.

Meet our volunteers

Volunteers are at the heart of JBM's activities and projects. Through their commitment, dedication and presence, they are an integral part of the organization and essential to its success. We invite you to meet some of our volunteer members.