Preparation service for a hearing

Have you received a notice of hearing for a case heard in Montreal?

Would you like help preparing your small claims file?


The YBM offers several Preparation services for a hearing!

What are Preparation services for a hearing ?

Through these services, you can meet a volunteer lawyer free of charge and receive information on how to prepare for a hearing. The service is available by appointment only to unrepresented parties.

To find out if you're eligible and make an appointment, visit the service page that corresponds to your needs:

* Please note that a law student may accompany the lawyer during the consultations. In the context of this Shadowing Internship, the law student acts as an observer only. To this end, he or she has signed a confidentiality agreement regarding all information transmitted during the consultation, which obliges him or her to keep secret everything he or she hears and sees during the meeting between you and the volunteer lawyer.