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41st edition of the Young Bar of Montreal's Telephone Legal Clinic

10 November 2023 Press release

Montreal, October 11, 2023 - The Young Bar Association of Montreal (JBM) is proud to launch its 41st edition of the Clinique juridique téléphonique, to be held on October 21 and 22. Over the course of a weekend, lawyers and notaries will mobilize to offer free legal advice over the phone to the general public. Along with other services offered by the JBM, this initiative represents a concrete and sustainable action to improve access to justice. This free service for Quebecers is being set up by the JBM, in partnership with the Quebec Bar and the Centre d'accès à l'information juridique (CAIJ).

A unique opportunity to find out about your rights and obligations, free of charge

The Clinique juridique téléphonique is a unique opportunity to receive free advice from a lawyer or notary, to better understand your rights and obligations, and to find your way through sometimes complex and delicate situations. Whether your concerns are related to the family, the consumption of goods, the workplace, asset management, neighbor disputes or other issues, our volunteer legal experts are on hand to answer all your legal questions, free of charge.The JBM is proud to be able to offer this much-awaited service twice a year, helping to promote access to justice at a time of great need.

A popular service available to all:

The JBM Telephone Legal Clinic is a free service offered to all Quebecers, for a whole weekend! Whether you need information on your rights and obligations, or on the solutions available to prevent or resolve disputes, our volunteer jurists are available to answer your questions in a caring and professional manner. This well-established appointment is well attended every year: last year, almost 4,000 calls from citizens were received and dealt with under this initiative.

The legal clinic in brief :

  • What: Free legal advice for the entire population provided by some fifty volunteer lawyers
  • When: October 21 and 22, 2023, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.
  • Where: You can call 1 (844) 779-6232

"The Telephone Legal Clinic is a key initiative and an essential resource for improving access to justice for all citizens. By offering this service twice a year, we are proud to meet the crucial needs of our community. We would like to thank the CAIJ and the Barreau du Québec for their constant and invaluable support in this noble endeavour! We would also like to thank the lawyers of the legal community who will be mobilizing all weekend long to graciously help those who need it most. " Me Joey Suri, JBM President

"The Quebec Bar salutes the generosity of young lawyers who are mobilizing to provide legal advice and information to citizens. Proposing and implementing concrete solutions to improve access to justice is one of the Bar's strategic orientations. We are proud to support the JBM's Clinique juridique téléphonique, which has been putting values such as accessibility, commitment and proximity to citizens into practice for many years." Catherine Claveau, Quebec Bâtonnière

"The CAIJ is proud to support this exceptional event, the Young Bar Association of Montreal's Clinique juridique téléphonique! At the dawn of this 41st edition, it's important to highlight the dedicated work of our talented new generation. It's clear that the need for personalized legal advice is growing. As an essential resource for legal knowledge, the CAIJ warmly salutes the volunteer lawyers and notaries who help the public understand their rights and obligations, free of charge. " Karine Mac Allister, CAIJ General Manager

About JBM

Founded in 1898, the JBM brings together lawyers practicing in Montreal for ten years or less, with over 6,000 members. This makes it one of the largest associations of young lawyers in the world, in terms of numbers for a single city. Its mission is twofold. On the one hand, it defends and promotes the interests of its members. On the other, it provides pro bono legal advice and information to various segments of the population, and organizes charitable activities. Overall, it aims to improve access to justice and contribute to the collective well-being. As such, in August 2021, the JBM was awarded the Lieutenant-Governor's Medal for Exceptional Merit, "in recognition of the remarkable dynamism demonstrated by its members in the ongoing pursuit of collective well-being". To find out more about our initiatives for the public, visit the Public Services section of our website: http: //

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